Guide to Mudra, Yoga, Pranyama, & Other Remedies

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is about exploring the best possible wellness options available to you.
It is about finding therapies that complement your existing medical care.
It may also be about finding solutions that replace your level of medical treatment.


Mudra Therapy

Mudra Therapy is another non-medical mode to treatment which helps without harming. Mudras are various postures of fingers and thumbs. in mudra therapy, different diseases are treated by holding and reatining the fingers and thumbs in different ways. This is simple measure surprisingly restores a state of balance in body and raises the level of the performer's resistance. with the patient's immunity thus strengthened, the disease has no other option but to flee.


Five Basic Elements

The universe is composed of five basic elements : space (or ether),air, fire, water and earth. In Ayurvedic terminology, these are called aakaash, vaayu, agni, jal and prithvi, respectively. Being a miniature universe, the human body, too, is composed of the same five elements.
5 Basic Elements
Each of these five elements serves a specific and important function within the body :
(1)Aakaash (space) is an inactive element that manifests itself in the bodily cavities like the cranial cavity, the paranasal

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How to Practise Mudras

(1) Touching a finger-tip to the thumb-tip increasec the element residing in that finger whereas touching a finger-tip to the thumb-base reduces the element residing in that finger.
(2) When performing a mudra, a light contact between the thumb and the finger/s is sufficient; firm pressure is not really required.
(3) When performing a mudra, the position of other fingers (which are not participating in that mudra) is immaterial. They can be held (effortlessly) straight or allowed to bend as per

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Surya Namaskara signifies paying homage to (Lord) Sun deity. It is a very ancient Indian system of exercise. Facing east, in the early hours of morning, one standing with serene mind offers prayer to Lord Surya with Surya Namaskara. Along with physical drill, Surya Namaskara has religious importance also.
Surya Namaskara is a graceful combined sequence of twelve positions. Through this sequence of twelve positions, the whole body is well exercised. Surya Namaskara also improves eye lustre. As a

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How to Pracctice Yogasanas

It is advisable to follow the following points To take the full advantage of Yogasanas :
(1) For practising Yogasanas, early morning is the ideal time. Before starting Yoga practices, the bowels and the bladder should be emptied. It is better to do Yogasanas after a bath because it makes the body light and active and one can practise Yogasanas with greater ease. If one wishes to take a bath again after practising Yogasanas, one should use warm water instead of cold water.
(2) The ground for

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