In ancient times, the persons who lived in Gurukulasand observed celibacy used to practice this asana regularly. With Sheershasana and Sarvangasana, this asana has been given special importance by our sages for the preservation of the semen.
Persons having physical obesity will find it difficult to practice this asana. They may fall on either side while performing this asana. But with constant practice steadiness can be maintained.
Technique : Place the left heel between the anus and the scrotum. Let the weight of the whole body rest on the feet, particularly on the left foot. Place the right foot on the left leg near the knee. Keep the balance while in sitting posture. A bench or a wall can be used as a support in the beginning. place both the hands on the waist or the thighs, or keep them in ihe obeisance posture. Retain the breath. Keep the spine erect. Then inhale slowly. Stare at or concentrate on a white 01 black dot specially kept for this purpose before the eyes.  peat silently the japa of Ramanama or some gurumantra. begin practicing this asana with 30 seconds and gradually “i« tease it to one minute.
(1) As this asana stimulates Veeryanadi, it cures physical disorders like wet-dreams (spermatorrhoea), impotence and diabetes.
(2) The semen is sublimated by practicing this asana and it changes into vital energy.
(3) If this asana is practiced along with Sheershasana, Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana, it helps one in observing celibacy.

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