Indian Acalypha is an annual herb, used for manufacturing medicinal drugs.

Acalypha, Indian HerbIndian acalypha is an upright, yearly herb, growing upto 75 cm in height. It has several elongated, angular branches covered with delicate hair. Its slender, egg-shaped leaves have a polished surface. The flowers grow vertically, with lengthy thorns. It has minute, hairy fruits and minuscule pallid brown seeds. The entire plant is plucked in its blossoming juncture and dried.

The plant contains the alkaloid acalyphine, which is a dynamic principle.

Methods of usage
Acalypha is rich in everyday sickness remedies, like releasing urine, healing croup, intestinal worms, constipation, arthritis or skin irritations.

Healing Power and Medicinal Properties of Acalypha
The roots, leaves and tender shoots of the plant possess immense medicinal value. The drug boosts secretion and emission of urine and acts as a purgative. The juice of the leaves is a resourceful vomitive for rushing vomiting. The root in petite doses serve as an expectorant and nauseant. It helps eliminate catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes.

Croup cured by Acalypha
The herb is of extraordinary worth in treating croup, a disease largely happening among children. It is distinguished by cough and problem in breathing and is caused by a hitch in the larynx. The herb is harmless to use in this condition and also illustrates quick action. The juice can be dispensed in dosages of 1 teaspoon. The dosage may be increased to 4 teaspoons according to developing age.

Intestinal Worms healed Acalypha
The herb is useful in annihilating intestinal worms. The juice of the leaves or their extraction, blended with a hint of garlic, can be administered for such symptoms.

Constipation healed by Acalypha
A decoction of the leaves is an efficacious purgative and thus is helpful in constipation. A suppository of the fresh leaves, inserted in the rectum of small children suffering from constipation, hastens free motions.

Skin Diseases cured by Acalypha
The drug is useful as an external application in skin disorders. A paste of its fresh leaves is administered to the affected parts. The juice of fresh leaves can be massaged for scabies and other skin diseases, such as syphilitic ulcers, bedsores, maggot-infested sores and wounds.

Rheumatism remedied by Acalypha
Indian acalypha is a well-accepted cure in rheumatism. The juice of the fresh leaves is administered, blended with lime and onion. A concoction of the fresh juice and oil can be massaged in rheumatic arthritis.


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