Acupressure ChartWhat is Acupressure?
It is a simple yet a remarkably effective way of treating common a well as complicated ailments. Acupressure is known as . ‘eedleless Acupuncture. ‘ACU’, is the Latin word for ‘needle’ and ‘puncture’ refers to ‘pricking’.
Instead of pricking with needles at the Acupuncture points, ~hythmic pressure is applied for one or two minutes to balance the energy flow which cures the disease.
Where did it originate?
It originated in China and the Western world has taken it up eriously, after the former USA President Mr. Nixon’s visit to China :l 1971, where one of his aides was treated with Acupuncture for ::. ute pain in the abdomen.
It is now widely practised in USA, Europe and in Eastern untries.

How does it work?
Scientifically the exact theory is not yet established but there .: enough practical evidence of its effectiveness. The early Chinese . eory explains that the root cause of all diseases, in terms of upressure, is a disorder of energy vibration. Every cell in the vibrates at a specific rate and when this vibration of energy beyond the normal range, it gives rise to a disease. Acupressure in the restoration of correct and harmonious vibration and in i way restores the health.
Does one require any medical knowledge to learn and practice this system?
No medical knowledge is essential. With just a basic knowledge of human anatomy, one can practice this system and provide good relief to those in dis-ease.
Who can benefit from this?
Anybody, from young to the old alike, can practice and get the benefits. Only feather-touch is recommended for the infants and for the older people the pressure has to be soothing.
How to apply pressure?
When an Acupressure point is painful, there are three ways of applying pressure, depending upon the intensity of pain.
1. ‘ACU TOUCH’ – With the thumb or index finger give feather touch in case of severe pain at a point.
2. ‘ACU PRESSURE’ – A pleasurable, rhythmic, on-and-off pressure with the thumb or index finger for normal points where one can tolerate pain.
3. ‘ACU MASSAGE’ – In this technique, clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation is carried out to increase or decrease the energy flow in the body channel.
For how long is the pressure applied?
The Acu touch or Acu pressure or Acu massage has to be applied on the particular points for just two minutes. Pleasurable pain is the goal.

When to apply pressure?
As a preventive measure, it is normally found to be more beneficial when pressure is applied early in the morning or in the
evening, when the Yin (Negative) and the Yang (Positive) energies are equal. It can also be done at any other time but it should be a oided for two hours after a heavy meal or one hour after a light meal. As a curative measure, it can be applied on the onset of the -ymptoms.
Is it effective against all diseases?
It is very effective for relieving pain in the body like head ache, ‘ack-ache, knee pain etc. In all other diseas~s, considerable improvement has been noticed. Any problem without any pathology in it can be effectively relieved with acupressure.
When can one expect results?
Nonnally, for relieving pain, one can expect results immediately after acupressure and within a few days full cure is possible. But for certain diseases a minimum of four to eight weeks are required o notice the changes.
Is it possible to practice without any formal training?
Of course, it is possible to learn Acupressure without attending any training course. But one does require practical experience for the body balance (energy balance) and the relaxation desserts. Attending a training course can make you confident in this technique.
Is there any restriction?
This therapy is not to be done throughout the day just because it brings relief. Just practice it for fifteen minutes in the morning or in the evening. Let the nature inside your body take care of the healing process.
It is not recommended during the early and late quarter of pregnancy but can be done under an expert’s guidance.

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