Aloe – Indian Herb

Aloe – Indian Herb
Indian Aloe, growing to moderate heights, appears glossy, with pulpy leaves, essential in making drugs.

Aloe, Indian Herb aloe is an upright plant, 30 to 150 cm in height. It has polished, pale green, fleshy leaves, convex below, narrowing to a blunt point, with horny spikes at the perimeters. It has yellow to orange coloured cylindrical flowers. The acrid juice of the pulpy leaves is used in manufacturing medicine.

The vigorous principle of aloe is a combination of glycosides, called aloin. The ratio of alo in varies in diverse specimens of aloes. The principal element of aloin is barbaloin, a pale yellow crystalline glycoside, soluble in water. The other components comprise isobarbaloin, aloe-emodin (a hydrolytic product of barbaloin), resins and some water soluble substance. The distinguishing odour is due to hints of a volatile oil.

Methods of usage
Indian aloe comes to requisite use in everyday sicknesses like, liver enlargement, cold, arthritis, indigestion, skin irritations, or sciatica.

Healing Power and Medicinal Properties of Indian aloe
The leaves of the plant possess numerous curative properties. They are useful in reinstating the perturbed processes of nutrition. They boost libido and control secretion or blood loss. They also encourage and regularize menstrual periods.

Liver Disorders cured by Indian aloe
The herb energies the liver and is useful in liver and spleen disturbances. It can be utilized in jaundice and enlargement of liver, spleen and other glands. The flesh of one leaf should be consumed with black salt and ginger every morning for 10 days in the treatment of such disorders.

Colds healed by Indian aloe
The drug is indispensable in instances of cough and cold. Juice of the roasted leaf should be had with honey for treatment.

Rheumatism healed by Indian aloe
Indian aloe is pretty handy in lumbago, sciatica and rheumatism. The flesh of one leaf needs to be consumed everyday to obtain relief.

Indigestion cured by Indian aloe
The herb is useful in stomach upsets. The leaves reinforce the functioning of stomach and encourages its action. A salad of its leaves is advantageous in instances of indigestion, constipation and gas.

Intestinal Worms healed by Indian aloe
The leaves have the capability to kill intestinal worms in children. The concentrated leaf juice, after boiling the leaves in water, is a well-admired and efficacious household remedy.

Skin Disorders remedied by Indian aloe
The use of the herb in mending swelled and aching parts of the body is widespread in Indian medicine. The fresh juice from its leaves should be administered externally.


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