Bach Flower Remedies: Vervain and Overstraining


Bach Flower Remedies: Vervain and Overstraining
The Bach flower remedy Vervain stands for restraint and in its positive state, it allows a person to use his energies to their optimum best. In the negative state however, it could mean utilising an excess of energy and it could lead to a lot of overstraining. You’ll find these people constantly on their feet, always wanting to be up and doing. They are so overenthusiastic about anything they have to do that they want everyone around them to join in as well and this does not go down well with the others.

He really pushes himself and goads himself to do much more than he can. This could result in tiredness and maybe even a breakdown as he just cannot cope physically with all that he wants to do. Take the case of a senior executive in a company who is fired by an idea and expects everyone to not just believe in it but work as hard as he does to see it through. He ends up being unpopular and pushing himself as well as everyone else more than necessary. Very often, the tension that these people go through is quite apparent, pounding away on their keyboard or gripping their steering wheels tight, eager to get on with what they have to do. With Vervain, he tends to temper his enthusiasm with practical thinking.

He tends to have very fixed ideas of not just how things should be done but how quickly they should be done. This causes him to be very adamant about what he wants and what he wants others to do as well. He feels terribly indignant when he sees any injustice but he carries his outbursts too far so much so that it puts people off. Vervain helps him see the larger picture and he becomes aware that what others think is also important and has its place in the scheme of things. He begins to ease off from trying to push his ideas down everyone’s throats.

Emotionally, too, he tries too hard and believes firmly that what he is doing or feeling is best. However, too much of idealism and intensity does not augur too well for any relationship and the other person usually scurries away to escape from the heat of his emotions. With Vervain, he learns that it is better to go with the flow when it comes to feelings than to always try and control the flow.

These people could well be fired with missionary zeal, going to the farthest corners of the world and trying to convert everyone they meet to their way of thinking. They push themselves and others to such limits that at some point of time, the world writes them off as not being all there. It’s usually a good cause that these people espouse – they just don’t know where to draw the line. Vervain tends to calm them down and helps them set reasonable limits even in the realms of the spiritual. When they stop pushing and expecting things to change, they do.

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