Bach Flower Remedies: Vine and Domination


Bach Flower Remedies: Vine and Domination
The Bach flower remedy Vine is, in its negative state, the most dominating a person can be. Most of us know people like these in our lives – the power-hungry ones who just cannot accept others’ individuality. They think they are infallible and it surprises them to know that others can actually not see that what they are doing is in everyone’s best interests. They can be quite ruthless because they are convinced they know best – even when it comes to overriding everyone else’s opinions.

You can see it in the way he carries himself. Tall and proud and taking it for granted that he is a leader. They dominate with raised voices and aggression. They can even resort to physical abuse and cruelty if they felt it warranted it. You’ll see them ordering people around and the strange thing is, they expect them to be grateful. This constant state of tension brings on ailments like stiffness of the joints and muscles as well as high blood pressure. Vine makes them view people differently – as equals and not as slaves to do their bidding.

In his mind, he sees nothing wrong in thinking himself a dictator and mentally putting himself above everyone else. He is vain and he feels he is a total success, way above everyone else. He also thinks that when he directs people and tells them what to do, he is doing them a favour. Vine frees him of these mental delusions and helps his mind see how things really are. It tempers his leadership qualities with graciousness, making him a truly great leader.

A person in the negative Vine state just doesn’t feel too much. That’s why he can hurt and think that it is good for the other person to be corrected. He likes to order other people’s feelings too as he dictates to them who and what they should like and should not. While people might pretend to obey him, inwardly, they detest someone like this and look for an opportunity to break free. Vine makes him realise that feelings come naturally and need to be nurtured – they just cannot be forced.

He does not usually look beyond himself and thinks he has the last word on everything. Someone like this is hardly likely to look up in awe at a higher power and see the wonder of it all. That’s what a few doses of Vine do to him. It lets him sit back, look around him and enjoy every moment. It makes him aware that he is but one part of an incredible universe.

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