Bach Flower Remedies: Walnut And Change


Bach Flower Remedies: Walnut And Change
Walnut is the flower remedy of change – change whether it is physical,mental, emotional or spiritual. What walnut does is to make the transition from one state to another as smooth and as easy as possible. Walnut is a great remedy that helps one to ‘move on’ without being tied to the old. It can very often sever the ties that bind you to an old love, old hurt or old anger so it has often been called the ‘link breaker’. You stop looking back and start looking forward. It also helps to take that final step when you’ve almost made up your mind to do something but are dithering to take the plunge because you are anxious or scared. It can also free a person who is being dominated by someone to become strong and move out as well as cutting oneself loose from an old and hopeless infatuation.

It is ideal for the constant traveler and helps one adjust better to time zones, jet lag, climate differences, food changes and people. Walnut also helps in the biological changes that a person has to go through in life. It is of special help during teething, puberty and menopause. It also helps a person cope with illness, especially when it is terminal and it is difficult to accept the physical changes that are taking place.

Walnut is useful when people go through change that brings on stress or just new ways that one has to adjust to mentally. This could be a new job, a new home, a new school or university or a new city or country. It could also mean a new phase in life like retirement, marriage or children. Walnut gives a person the mental strength to break free of addictions like gambling, smoking and drinking. It also frees the mind from the binding diktats of superstitions and religious or community impediments.

Walnut is a great comfort when one has to adjust emotionally to a new period in one’s life. This could be because of the loss of a loved one, a break up, a child leaving home or losing a job. It helps one accept and move on instead of wallowing in the past. Walnut jolts a person out of inertia in order to help him change for the better. It gives the fillip a person needs to get out of the rut and walk on.

Walnut is a wonderful remedy when there are important spiritual decisions to be made like joining a new order, converting to another faith or embracing a new belief. It allows a person who stays within a sect or belief system because of birth or habit to build up enough courage to break free and stand up for what he believes or does not believe in.

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