Bach Flower Remedies: Water Violet and Wallflowers


Bach Flower Remedies: Water Violet and Wallflowers
The Bach flower remedy Water Violet is for the ones who tend to blend into the background. These are the quiet wallflowers who are hardly ever heard and who are so quiet and unobtrusive that very often, they are not noticed. They are reserved and hold themselvesaloof, not out of pride but because they do not want the limelight.

Everything about them – from the way they look to the way they dress is done so as not to attract attention. Even if they are attractive, they tend to underplay their assets and don’t really want to enhance them in case that means that they get noticed. Their dress sense veers to the boring and the colours they choose are dull. They speak softly and usually answer rather than initiate a conversation. Since they tend to suppress their feelings without giving vent to them, they could end up with stiffness and stress problems. Water¬† violet makes them unbend a bit and participate in what goes on around them rather than just answer the questions that are posed to them.

They are very self reliant and many scientists and innovators fall into this category. They tend to be calm and collected even in their thinking, rarely losing their tempers and never worried about things that normal people worry about. However, this could make them loners and Water Violet is ideal to help them open up and share some of their thoughts with those they care about. It also teaches them that it isn’t wrong to get help and advice from others. There are some of them who need it more than others because even though they might seem quiet, there is a sense of superiority in them which needs to be ironed out.

Emotionally, too, they try and go against the ‘No man is an island’ bit and feel that they can be happy alone. To do this, even though they are hurt, they keep a stiff upper lip and this causes tension though they will be the last people to admit to it. Water Violet shows them how wonderful love can be and how sharing with someone special can be a delight.

In the negative state, these people shut themselves off from their higher self, feeling that what they are is all there is. They don’t like to open their souls to experiences that they cannot understand and where they have to give of themselves. So they clam up instead of opening out their spirit to receive the wonders of the universal energy. Water Violet helps them realise that this will only enrich them, not open their souls to hurt.

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