Bach Flower Remedies: Wild Rose and Apathy


Bach Flower Remedies: Wild Rose and Apathy
The Bach flower remedy Wild Rose, in its negative state, manifests itself in an attitude of apathy and dis-spiritedness. They are just resigned to their fate, never believing that things could get better and so they just go with the flow, not in joy but with the feeling that there is no other option.

They are rather boring people, with no interest in anything that goes on around them. This makes them quite unpopular or it might make people in a group ignore them, leaving them to their apathy. Wild Rose gives them the energy to be able to take an interest in people and things and to be a part of what is going on around them.

Sometimes, a Wild Rose negative state could be temporary, when the energy flowing through the body is low, especially after an illness. It feels like they have reached the limit of what they can do and they settle into a state of non-doing. Wild Rose helps them to feel involved again.

Emotionally, too, one needs to be very participate if one has to keep relationships going. These people are just not active enough and their passivity is often the reason for relationships going sour. It’s almost like they are in an emotional vacuum and have nothing to give to make love grow. Wild Rose may be needed over a long period of time to make the heart open up and love the way it should.

They are not seekers so how will they find? There is a kind of hopelessness when it comes to the soul and he does not try to make things better. Wild Rose makes him become more active in his spiritual life, urging him to look for answers inside his soul.

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