Bach Flower Remedies: Willow and Bitterness

Bach Flower Remedies: Willow and Bitterness
The Bach flower remedy Willow in its negative state is filled with bitterness inside at the unjust deal that life has dealt. These people are constantly looking out at everyone and they feel frustrated when they see someone doing well, thinking that good things should be happening to them too. This puts them in a state of perpetual grumbling. Willow slowly edges out the bitterness and teaches them to be strong and make their own destiny – and to be happy doing it.
They usually are the wet blankets in any get together. You’ll find them looking out for someone or something to blame. Some however, smoulder in silence and this is worse maybe because it causes serious health problems. High blood pressure, stiff muscles, allergies – a lot of them suffer needlessly because they just cannot accept their lives as is. Willow tends to help them ease up and take responsibility for their own health and their own lives.

Their minds are constantly comparing and making themselves out to be the victims. This mentality makes them hate everything and everyone around them because what they see is what they would have liked to be. They always feel life has passed them by and they never take responsibility for this. They rail against other people, against God and against the fates. Willow helps them see how futile this is and with regular use, they learn to depend on themselves for their own fortune.

Since they always feel that theirs is a life that is sad, they find it difficult to love or let themselves be loved. Till they learn to love themselves – and Willow helps in that – they find it very difficult to remain in good relationships.

They feel that any higher power should be kind to them and shower them with blessings. Anything that goes wrong, they need a scapegoat – and who better than the divine? The trouble is, nothing is ever right in their world – they always focus on what goes wrong. Willow helps them focus on their blessings – helps them count them and be grateful for what they have, thereby opening up their hearts, minds and spirits for more blessings to flow in.

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