Baharee Pranayama

For Baharee Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana. If you are not able to do so, you can use chair to practice pranayama.

Using force, breathe out and don’t breathe in for 5 to 8 seconds. Then resort to normal breathing. Likewise repeat for 4 t05times.

People with high BP and pregnant mothers should NOT do this pranayama.

Benefits of Baharee Pranayama

  • Fickle mindedness will vanish and problems in the abdomen will disappear.
  • Digestion improves and wisdom becomes sharp.
  • Entire body is cleansed. Besides making the semen to flow upwards,
  • all disorderliness in the body will move towards orderliness.
  • As Kapalabhathi creates slight pain in the weak parts of abdomen, this pranayama can carry energy to the affected parts thereby removing the pain.

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