Bay Berry

Bay Berry
Maturing pretty high for an herb, bay berry grows in a peculiar manner, with every growth queer to look at.

Bay Berry, Indian HerbBay berry is a perfumed tree growing upto 10 metres in height. The leaves of the tree are 7.5 cm in length, pale to rust coloured and alternately positioned. The tree has haired stalks with tiny flowers growing singly or on a common pendulous stalk. It has crinkled seeds.

The herb contains tannins, triterpenes (including myricadiol), flavonoid glycosides, resin and gum.

Methods of usage
Bay berry, mostly in forms of paste or decoction are effective in remedying fever, haemorrhage, intestinal ailment, respiratory malfunction, toothache.

Healing Power and Medicinal Properties of bay berry
The bark of the tree is scented, stimulant, revitalising and dissolvent. It is useful in controlling secretion or blood loss and in exhausting wind from the stomach. It is also an antiseptic. Myricitrin in bay berry is disinfectant and furthers the flow of bile. Another component of the herb, myricadiol is reported to cause preservation of salt and excretion of potassium.

Fevers and Colds cured by bay berry
Bay berry is a dear remedy in instances of fevers and colds. A hot decoction of the herb can be had in the treatment of fevers, catarrh of the mucous membranes, infections of the chest and typhoid. The pulverised bark can be used as a snuff for clogged nasal passages, which are eased by sneezing. The decoction also makes a superior gargle for throat infections.

Intestinal Disorders healed by bay berry
Bay berry is also used to treat swelling and infection of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Women`s Diseases cured by bay berry
The herb administered internally can be used to treat post-partum haemorrhage. It can also be used as a douche for unreasonable menstrual bleeding and leucorrhoea, or white discharge.

Respiratory Disorders healed by bay berry
Bay berry is exceedingly beneficial in treating respiratory disorders like asthma and acute bronchitis. Its bark may be consumed both in a decoction or powdered form, as in the case of fevers and colds.

Teeth Disorders cured by bay berry
A paste of the bark made with vinegar can be utilised for beefing up gums and lightening toothache.

Wounds and Ulcers healed by bay berry
A compress of the herb can be used for dressing wounds and ulcers. The pulverise of its bark can be sprinkled over decomposed sores.

Other Diseases remedied by bay berry
Bay berry is beneficial in various other diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and severe gonorrhoea. A decoction of the herb can he had with cinnamon in acute cough and piles.


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