Bhasthreeka Pranayama

For Bhasthreeka Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana/Siddhasana/Padmasana. If you are not able to sit down. you can sit on the chair & Practice.


This is deep and Rapid Breathing Technique. Using Force, inhale Deeply till Your lungs upto diaphragm are filled and exhale with the same force. Continue this for 2 to 5 Minutes.

Benefits of Bhasthreeka Pranayama:

  • Total relief from Headache, hafe headache, migraine, asthma, other lungs problems, incurable cough, sinusitis, allergy, throat’s thyroid and para thyroid problems.
  • This helps in inhaling and absorbing more oxygen which helps in the proper functioning of our body cells.
  • Regular practice of Bhasthreeka helps eliminate body fat, lower total cholesterol & raise HDL cholesterol which is a good cholesterol.
  • This Pranayama helps in balancing 3 humours Wind (Vatha), Bile(Pitha) & Phlegm(Kapha) in the body. the disorder of these 3 humours will cause trouble to the body.
  • It gives firmness in movement of vital energy, thereby bringing peace to the mind & vital energy move from mooladhara chakra to sahasrara chakra.
  • This is called Kundalini awakening.

People suffering from high blood pressure should not Practise this pranayama. Breath should be filled only in lungs till diaphragm and not in stomach.

Other Instructions:
This can be done in 3 speeds – Slow ,Medium & Fast. Initially start practicing slowly and after a few weeks, get into medium pace and gradually switch over to fast pace.

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