Bhramaree Pranayama

For Bhramaree Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana.

Method of Practice:
Place index fingers on the forehead facing each other. Close eyes putting middle fingers on them. Give slight pressure on the sides of nose with tips of middle and ring fingers. Place little fingers on the cheeks. Please look at the posture for placing fingers on the face properly.
Focus your attention in between your eyebrows. Close the mouth.
Inhale deeply and exhale slowly and gradually through nose making sound like a bee. Then let ‘Om’ manthra be reflected / echoed in your mind. This is one round. Repeat this for 5 to 9 times.

Benefits of Bhramaree Pranayama

  • Mind cools down.
  • High BP, mind’s anxiety will go away.
  • You will find solutions for the problems. Since you focus your attention on Ajna Chakra which is nothing but Shiva’s third eye and also called intuition will be unlocked. Hence problems and remedial measures will meet each other.

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