Guide to Mudra, Yoga, Pranyama, & Other Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward BachLiving In Perfect Harmony With Bach And His Flower Remedies
From Harley Street physician to pushing essences of flowers is a far cry but Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was so convinced about what he was doing that he turned away from a thriving conventional medical career to pursue what he firmly believed in. Right through his years of being a doctor, he just could not give up the notion that it was Nature not man who had the answer to disease. His quest took him through the bylanes of Wales and the woody paths around Oxfordshire where he lived, looking for flowers that he believed had curative powers. As he started treating patients with the essences of these flowers, he realized that what he had to look for and treat were the symptoms of the

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Bach Flower Remedies: Dosages
Bach flower remedy dosages, like biochemic remedies, are not harmful, never mind how many doses you take in a day. However, taking the regular prescribed dose does work better unless it is an emergency when many more doses at shorter intervals can be given. These remedies can be taken by infants, children, adults, pets and even sprayed on plants.
The usual dose
The dosage for most ailments is two drops from the bottle the remedy comes in, four times a day. You should

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1 Agrimony A Smile Plastered

You can't even called these people 'poker-faced' because they always have a smile plastered on their faces and never let the world see what's going on inside - even though they might be crying. These are the world's phenomenal pretenders and you'll find then cracking a joke or laughing at someone else's when their heart could be breaking inside. Why do they do this? They hate the world to be privy to the bad times that they could be going through. However, this takes its toll and they

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2 Aspen - Nameless Fear

Nameless Fear - AspenAspen - Nameless Fear

The Bach flower remedy Aspen is for those who suffer from groundless fears. It is the remedy to stop a person from quaking like an aspen leaf, scared of he knows not what and knows not why. It brings in courage and takes away the vulnerability that these people feel, being as they are caught up in this nameless, negative dread. This is also a great remedy for people who have been through some kind of frightening experience that they do not remember but which leaves them

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3 Bach Flower Remedies: Beech And Intolerance

Beach FlowerBach Flower Remedies: Beech And Intolerance

Beech is the flower remedy of tolerance and sympathy so someone who needs it is a person who is rigid and intolerant. This leads to a sense of superiority in all his dealings with others and he is usually judgmental and condemning of anyone and everything around him. He just cannot tolerate anyone who does not quite fit in with what he believes is right. You'll find a great many religious people as well as atheists in this group and you'll find that

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4 Centaury And Can't-Say-No

Centaury And Can't-Say-NoCentaury And Can't-Say-No
They're everywhere - the doormats who end up doing so much for everyone else not really because they want to but because they just can't say No. Inside, they might hate what they get into because they can't stand up for themselves and usually find it easier to acquiesce to the stronger willed ones than to argue. The problem is, someone who needs Centaury often puts his own work and interests aside and run around at the bidding of others. Helping others is a virtue but

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5 Bach Flower Remedies: Cerato And Lack Of Confidence

Bach Flower Remedies: Cerato And Lack Of ConfidenceBach Flower Remedies: Cerato And Lack Of Confidence
The Bach flower remedy Cerato in its positive state exudes confidence and a quiet but firm strength within. When there is a lack, the person exhibits all the signs of being hopelessly under-confident and symptoms of a lack of self esteem. The main problem with a negative Cerato person is the fact that he cannot think for himself and feels happier when someone else makes the decisions for him. The sad fact is, very often he makes the wrong

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6 Bach Flower Remedies: Cherry Plum And Control

Bach Flower Remedies: Cherry Plum And ControlBach Flower Remedies: Cherry Plum And Control
The Bach flower remedy Cherry Plum is the essence of cool, calm control. Where it is needed most is when a person loses control - physically, emotionally or mentally. It's almost as though he can't help himself -something innocuous can set him off and suddenly for no perceivable rhyme or reason, he can lose his cool and very often cause untold damage. Any little comment can drive him over the edge and he lashes out without thinking.

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7 Bach Flower Remedies: Chestnut Bud And Repetitive Mistakes

Bach Flower Remedies: Chestnut Bud And Repetitive MistakesBach Flower Remedies: Chestnut Bud And Repetitive Mistakes
The Bach flower remedy Chestnut Bud is the essence that learns from experience and past mistakes and never repeats them, However, when it is absent in a person, you'll see that he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It's almost like he has no memory of it, much like the movie 50 First Dates. Those who observe him will wonder how on earth someone can never seem to learn from his mistakes but the person does it almost

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