Kapalabhathi Pranayama

Kapala means forehead and bhaathi means brightness.That means this makes the sadhaka’s mind brightful, lustrous and blissful.
For Kapalabhathi Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana posture with your back straight. If not, you can use chair while practising  pranayama. Correct posture is essential because the abdominal muscles must be able to relax thoroughly when you inhale. Once you sit properly, begin the method.

Inhale slowly without force and just when you’re about to exhale forcefully, contract your stomach muscles quickly and powerfully which will force air out through your nostrils. Likewise repeat for 15 to 20 minutes. Initially sadhakas may feel tiredness and slight pain in the waist. But after a fortnight or so, this will disappear and one can practise for 5 minutes continuously.
Sadhakas must practice this for 15 to 20 minutes daily to get desired results. Since it is not possible to practise for 15 minutes continuously, sadhakas can intermittently indulge in pressing acupressure points.

Pregnant mothers and women under periods should NOT practice this pranayama. People with heat body ‘1ature can practise only for 5 minutes. Heart patients and those who have undergone heart surgery in the recent past of 1 year should NOT practice this pranayama. After 1 year, slowly they can practise with diligent care, that too in front of yoga experts.

While exhaling forcefully, think that you are sending out negative elements and also anger, distress, selfishness, egoism. Let Omkar be lingering in the mind while practising Kapalabhathi.

Benefits of Kapalabhathi Pranayama :

  • Face becomes lustrous, luminous and attractive. Asthma, other breathing difficulties, allergy, sinusitis and heart problems will go away from the body and mind. Efficiency of heart and lungs will increase.
  • You can prevent and cure obesity, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, constipation, acidity, kidney problems, prostate gland problem by practicing Kapalabhathi.
  • Practicing regularly will balance the sugar content in the blood and weight becomes normal according to the height of a person. Person with underweight will gain and overweight will lose. That is the speciality of this method.
  • Any blockages in the arteries of heart will be removed and cleansing will take place.
  • Calmness and firmness in the mind can be achieved.
  • Negative thoughts will go away from mind.
  • Words like depression, apathy, negligence will vanish from the dictionary of yogasadhak.
  • Eight Chakras (plexes) will be purified and divine energy is filled in the body and mind.
  • All organs around abdomen will function more efficiently.
  • This is equivalent to jogging and clear metabolic wastes from the body.

Since numerous benefits can be obtained from this method, yogasadhakas should not forget to incorporate this in Their Morning or evening¬† yoga formality. hence our ancient Rushimunis have called this “Life giver of the earth”

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