Linga Mudra

Linga is the Sanskrit term for phallus (the male genital organ). This Mudra increases bodily heat since it reinforces the fire element

This Mudra is formed by interlocking the palms but keeping the left thumb erect, pointing upwards. and the Pitta humor.

Effects: The thumb represents the element fire. This fire is reinforced by performing the linga Mudra. The fire element which resides in the thumb is activated and is able to increase uninhibited.

Benefits of Linga  Mudra: The linga Mudra can be used to overcome the following disorders :

  • Shivering and chills due to intolerance of cold weather; hypothermia.
  • Ailments caused by an overproduction/ accumulation of phlegm (mucous) in the body; such ailments include colds, sinusitis, productive (wet) cough, sticky stools, etc.,
  • Asthma and other respiratory ailments that occur at the change of weather.
  • Sexual debility in males.

Duration :
This Mudra is not to be performed on a regular basis. It should be performed only when needed (e.g., when suffering from chills) and should be discontinued once the ailment has been overcome.


  • Overuse of Linga Mudra may aggravate the Pitta humor within the body, causing sluggishness and lethargy.
  • This Mudra should not be performed when suffering from ailments of Pitta-excess, especially fever.

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