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How to Practice Mudras

How to Practice Mudras Touching a finger-tip to the thumb-tip increases the element residing in that finger whereas touching a finger-tip to the thumb-base reduces the element residing in that finger. When performing a mudra, a light contact between the thumb and the finger/s is sufficient; firm pressure is not really required. When performing a… Read More »

Mudra Therapy

Mudra Therapy is another non-medical mode to treatment which helps without harming. Mudras are various postures of fingers and thumbs. in mudra therapy, different diseases are treated by holding and reatining the fingers and thumbs in different ways. This is simple measure surprisingly restores a state of balance in body and raises the level of… Read More »

Apaan mudra

The Apaan mudra is an extremely important and useful mudra that first detoxifies (and, therefore, purifies) the body and then energizes it. Method : Apaan mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumb, the middle finger and the ring finger. Effects: Apaan mudra is a combination of the Aakaash-vardhak (Aakaash) and the… Read More »

Apaan Vaayu Mudra

This important Mudra is sometime called Mritusanjeevani Mudra, a mudra which can snatch a person away from the clutches of death! indeed, this mudra tremendously benefits a person who has suffered from Chest-Pain (Angina pectoris) or Heart Attack. It increases the earth element (and, therefore, the Kapha humor) while decreasing the air & fire elements… Read More »

Uttarabodhi Mudra

Uttarabodhi mudra can be called the mudra of enlightenment. And as the sun of enlightenment dawns, fears are dispelled. Thus this mudra works like (and, therefore, can complement) Abhay gyaan mudra. Method : Interlock the hands (held at navel level), keeping the index fingers straight, touching each other and pointing upwards and thumbs extended, touching… Read More »

Asthma Mudra

Like Aakaash vardhak [or Aakaash], Prithvi shaamak [or Surya] and Linga mudras, this mudra too can help asthmatics, enabling them to relieve an attack of asthma. Method : Press together the finger-nails of the middle fingers, keeping the other fingers gently extended. Effects: This mudra relaxes the smooth muscles that line the respiratory tract. With… Read More »

Linga Mudra

Linga is the Sanskrit term for phallus (the male genital organ). This mudra increases bodily heat since it reinforces the fire element Method: This mudra is formed by interlocking the palms but keeping the left thumb erect, pointing upwards. and the Pitta humor. Effects: The thumb represents the element fire. This fire is reinforced by… Read More »

Pushaan Mudra

This mudra is dedicated to Pushaan or sun, the God of warmth, energy and nourishment. Method : With the right hand, perform the Vaata – kaarak mudra and with the left hand, perform the Apaan mudra. Effects : Pushaan mudra increases the space, the air, and the earth elements of the body. Benefits of Pushaan… Read More »