As its name suggests, this asana gives relief from excess wind in the belly. This asana can be performed by raising one leg or both the legs.

Technique :

  • Lie flat on the back. Keep the heels of both (he legs together.
  • Inhale deeply and bend the right knee towards the stomach and hold it with both the hands.
  • Raise the head above the ground and bring the chin closer to the knee so that it touches the knee-cap.
  • Exhale and press the muscles of the right abdomen with the right thigh.
  • Keep the stomach pressed till the breath is suspended.
  • This asana is called ‘Dakshina Pavanamuktasana’. If this asana is performed with the left leg,
  • it is called ‘Varna Pavanamuktasana’. Practise this exercise with both the legs together.
  • This is called ‘Purna Pavanamuktasana’. While holding the legs with both the hands, exhale and control the breathing.
  • Then slowly begin inhaling while stretching the legs out. (Women are advised not to practice this asana after conception.)

Advantages of Pavanamuktasana:

  • ¬†Pavanamuktasana is the best natural way to get rid of foul gases.
  • It reduces obesity of the body and the fat around the abdomen.
  • It prevents heart-trouble and improves the working of the lungs.
  • This asana cures diseases such as gas, constipation, the disorders of the uterus, intestinal worms, appendix, rheumatism, piles, blood-impurities, windiness in the stomach.

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