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Ujjayee Pranayama

For Ujjayee Pranayama Sit in Vajrasana if possible. Or else sit in any meditate-able posture. Method: Contract muscles of your throat as much as possible. Inhale through both nostrils making buzzing sound and try to hold the breath in your throat while making Jalandhara Bandha. After a few seconds, close the right nostril with right… Read More »

Udgeetha Pranayama

 Method of Practice  For Udgeetha Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana and observe Dhyana mudra. Inhale deeply and chant Om mantra exhaling slowly through mouth. This is one round. Repeat this for 5 to 9 times. While doing this Pranayama, let your mind be in the infinite consciousness. Try to see the Almighty,… Read More »

Sheethkaree Pranayama

For Sheethkaree Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana / Siddhasana / Padmasana. Let your wrists on the knees. Observe Dhyana mudra. Method: Tongue should touch the place behind the upper front teeth. Upper and lower tooth lines must be held tight while inhaling breath through the mouth making ‘see, see’ sound. And fill the lungs fully and exhale… Read More »

Sheethalee Pranayama

Position: For Sheethalee Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana I Siddhasana I Padmasana. Place your hands on the knees. Observe Dhyana mudra. Method: Exhale through nose. Stretch out tongue and make it curved shape (half moon shape). Inhale deeply and slowly through this passage made by the tongue. After 5 counts, exhale from nostrils. Repeat for 3… Read More »

Karna Roganthaka Pranayama

Position: For Karna Roganthaka Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana / Siddhasana / Padmasana. Be in Dhyana Mudra. Method: Inhale deeply through both the nostrils. Now close both nostrils and mouth with fingers of your right hand. Attempt to send air out forcibly holding the nose and mouth tightly. In this situation, air moves to interior areas… Read More »

Kapalabhathi Pranayama

Kapala means forehead and bhaathi means brightness.That means this makes the sadhaka’s mind brightful, lustrous and blissful. Position: For Kapalabhathi Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana posture with your back straight. If not, you can use chair while practising  pranayama. Correct posture is essential because the abdominal muscles must be able to relax… Read More »

Bhramaree Pranayama

For Bhramaree Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana. Method of Practice: Place index fingers on the forehead facing each other. Close eyes putting middle fingers on them. Give slight pressure on the sides of nose with tips of middle and ring fingers. Place little fingers on the cheeks. Please look at the posture… Read More »

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

For Anuloma Viloma Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana / Siddhasana / Padmasana with your back straight either on the floor or chair. Method of Practice : Close the right nostril with right thumb. Inhale deeply and slowly from left nostril till lungs up til diaphragm are filled. Please give attention not to fill breath in the… Read More »

Baharee Pranayama

For Baharee Pranayama Sit in sukhasana / siddhasana / padmasana. If you are not able to do so, you can use chair to practice pranayama. Method: Using force, breathe out and don’t breathe in for 5 to 8 seconds. Then resort to normal breathing. Likewise repeat for 4 t05times. Caution: People with high BP and… Read More »

Bhasthreeka Pranayama

Position: For Bhasthreeka Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana/Siddhasana/Padmasana. If you are not able to sit down. you can sit on the chair & Practice. Method: This is deep and Rapid Breathing Technique. Using Force, inhale Deeply till Your lungs upto diaphragm are filled and exhale with the same force. Continue this for 2 to 5 Minutes.… Read More »