In this asana, one has to balance the body on one leg, hence it is called Santulanasana.

Technique :

  • Stand straight and erect on the ground. Keep the body straight and erect.
  • Look straight. Keep the arms on the sides.
  • Bend either leg at the knee, keeping the knee facing downwards and the heel upwards.
  • Hold the foot of this leg with the corresponding hand.
  • Raise the other arm close to the ear.
  • Hold this position for eight to ten seconds. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.
  • In the beginning, practice this asana four times a day.
  • Later, it can be practiced six times a day.

Advantages of Santulanasana:

  • Santulanasana exercises every joint of the body.
  • It alleviates the pain in the joints.
  • It properly exercises the ankles, the knees and the fingers. This exercise teaches one how to maintain balance on one leg.

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