Sheethkaree Pranayama

For Sheethkaree Pranayama Sit in Sukhasana / Siddhasana / Padmasana. Let your wrists on the knees. Observe Dhyana mudra.

Tongue should touch the place behind the upper front teeth. Upper and lower tooth lines must be held tight while inhaling breath through the mouth making ‘see, see’ sound. And fill the lungs fully and exhale slowly through nose. If you want, you can do Jalandhara Bandha after filling the breath in the lungs. Likewise do it for 3 to 4 times.

While inhalation, let the teeth and tongue be firm on their respective places. Asthmatics, phlegm natured (kapha prakruthi) and those who are suffering from tonsilitis should NOT do this. Do less in winter.

Benefits of Sheethkaree Pranayama

  • Dental problems will go away and jaws become stronger. Problems of piorea, throat, mouth, tongue, nose will find cure.
  • Body becomes cool and light. Very useful to those whose body is hot and suffering from high BP.
  • Other benefits are like Sheethalee Pranayama.

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