This is a variation of Bakasana. This asana is also called Tulitasana.

Technique :

  • Practice Bakasana as shown in Bakasana
  • Technique 1. At the last stage of the asana, do not rest the soles under the elbows, but keep them a bit apart in the middle of the arms.
  • This pose is known as Tolasana.
  • Do the remaining part of the exercise as you would do while practicing Bakasana.
  • Gradually, increase the time to the limit of fifteen minutes.

Advantages of Tolasana :

  • In the practice of this asana, the eyes are frequently concentrated on the part between the eye¬brows. This removes many common defects of the eyes.
  • This asana has all the benefits of Bakasana.
  • It cures all the diseases which Utthita Padmasana cures. It has the same benefits as Utthita Padmasana.

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