To practice Uttamangasana is not so easy as either Lolasana or Kukkutasana. The body should be strong to practice this asana. Gymnasts can perform this asana very easily.

Technique :

  • First sit in the position of Padmasana.
  • Then raise the knees and press them between the chest and the arms.
  • Then raise the body with the force of the arms in such a way that the weight of the body falls on both the arms.
  • While raising the body inhale and fill the lungs with air.
  • Hold the breath. Exhale smoothly while coming to the original position.
  • Gradually, increase the time for the practice of this asana.
  • The limit is five minutes.

Advantages of Uttamangasana :

  • Uttamangasana strengthens the joints and the muscles of the arms and the legs.
  • As it eliminates the weakness of all the abdominal organs and the chest it is more important than Lolasana or Kukkutasana.
  • The regular practice of this asana roots out diseases like tuberculosis and asthma.

Note : Before an aspirant begins to practice this asana, he is required to acquire physical ability by practicing simple and easy asanas.

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