This asana is a variation of Halasana. One should perform it only when one masters Halasana. In this asana,the body takes the shape of a circle and so it is called Vartulasana.

Technique :

  • Lie on the back and first practice Halasana.
  • Then slowly raise the arms and hold the toes with the hands.
  • Do not give a jerk to the body while doing this exercise.
  • Hold this position for eight to ten seconds.
  • Then slowly raise the legs up and without giving the body a jerk bring them back to the ground in the original position.
  • Then place the arms straight by the sides of the hips.

Advantages of Vartulasana :

  • This asana increases youthful energy because it invigorates the sexual organs. This asana is helpful for curing impotence.
  • It reduces fat around the loins.
  • It gives enough exercise to the blades of the shoulders.
  • It enhances the benefits acquired by Sarvangasana.
  • It has all the benefits of Halasana.

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