In this asana,the body remains in a half standing position with the support of the heel of one leg and the knee of the second leg. The body assumes the pose worshipping God.

Technique :

  • Stand erect. Hold the left leg and place the heel on the thigh or at the root of the genitals. Let the left knee slowly touch the ground.
  • Keep the position of the arms as shown in the figure (Position 1).
  • Then as in Garudasana entwine the hands and assume ‘Namaskara-Mudra’ as shown in the figure (Positions 2 and 3).
  • Look straight. Inhale slowly.
  • Take the position in which the knee of the bent leg touches the right heel.
  • Then slowly come to standing position and repeat the exercise with the second leg.

Advantages of Vatayanasana:

  • This asana strengthens the legs. It removes the pain in the ankles and the knee-joints.
  • This asana can be practiced for praying to God.

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