‘Vrishchika’ means a scorpion. In this asana, the body assumes the pose of a scorpion. So it is called Vrishchikasana. Those who can practise Sheershasana or Hastavrikshasanafor a long time can practise this asana with ease and comfort.

Technique :

  • A beginner should practice this asana with the support of a wall.
  • Place the forearms and the elbows on the floor. Push against the floor lightly with the legs.
  • Slowly move the legs five cms away from the wall and try to balance the body on the forearms.
  • Breathe normally. Practice this for few days.
  • After achieving proficiency, bend the legs at the knees and try to place the soles on the head.
  • Patient practice will in time impart the necessary ability to balance the body on the palms braced on the ground.

Advantages of Vrischikasana:

  • This asana strengthens the arms and the shoulders. It gives sufficient exercise to the abdominal muscles.
  • The spine is turned backward in this asana which brings flexibility and imparts radiance and youth to the body.
  • It has all the advantages of Sheershasana, Chakrasana and Dhanurasana.

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