‘Vrusha’ means a bull. An aspirant who performs this asana resembles the image of manliness. He is believed to be a ‘man-bull’ and so this asana is called Vrushasana. Physical  flaccidity in a young body is a sign of old age. it Indicates physical weakness. This asana helps to preserve youth.

Technique :

  • Bend the right leg at the knee any heel under the anus.
  • Place the left knee on the right knee in such a way that the left heel touches the right thigh.
  • Sit erect and place the palm of the right hand on the knee.
  • Then Place the palm of the left hand on it.
  • Breathe in the in the normal way Direct your sight and attention to the navel.

Advantages of Vrushasana:

  •  It stimulates blood-circulation making the body energetic and the mind peaceful.
  •  It makes the respiratory system function in proper order.
  •  It cures diseases such as waste of semen, gas trouble, nocturnal discharges, indigestion, lumbago, insomnia, cardiac trouble, asthma and dysentery.
  •  It awakens Kundalini Shakti which enters the mouth of the Sushumna.
  •  It strengthens all the muscles of the body

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