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In practicing this asana, the spine is twisted in such a way that the body forms a semicircular shape, hence this asana is called ‘Chakrasana’. It resembles a rainbow. Technique : Lie flat on the back. Draw the legs in till the heels are close to the hips and the soles touch the ground. The… Read More »


If ‘Pashchimottanasana’ is attained in a standing posture, it becomes a different yogic exercise known as ‘Padahastasana’. This asana is also called ‘Sthita Pashchi mottanasana’. Some people call it ‘Hastapada Mangasana’. Technique : Stand erect. Keep the arms by the sides. Keep the heels close together. Keep some gap between the feet. Raise both the… Read More »


When the final position is struck in this Yogic exercise, the body of the performer resembles a triangle, hence the name Trikonasana. The figures of its four positions have been given below to explain the right technique of this asana. Technique : Stand erect keeping a distance of about 75 cms between the feet. Stretch… Read More »


While practicing this asana, the body assumes the posture ot a star So it is called Tarasana. For better understanding, three exhibits of three different stages of this asana have been indicated below. Technique : Stand straight making an angle of 45° between the feet. Keep the arms in front of you. Keep the palms… Read More »


Utkatasana is considered to be one of the best asanas. It strengthens the toes and the joints and the muscles of the feet. There are two ways to perform this asana. Both the techniques have been explained below. Technique 1 : Stand with the legs together. Raise the body on the heels and bring the… Read More »


The posture of the body while practicing this asana resembles Nataraja. So this asana is called Natarajasana. The pose inspires one to go ahead and work. Technique : Stand erect with both the legs straight. Keep the arms straight by the sides and look straight. Bend either leg at the knee and raise it backwards.… Read More »


In this asana, one has to balance the body on one leg, hence it is called Santulanasana. Technique : Stand straight and erect on the ground. Keep the body straight and erect. Look straight. Keep the arms on the sides. Bend either leg at the knee, keeping the knee facing downwards and the heel upwards.… Read More »


In this asana,the body remains in a half standing position with the support of the heel of one leg and the knee of the second leg. The body assumes the pose worshipping God. Technique : Stand erect. Hold the left leg and place the heel on the thigh or at the root of the genitals.… Read More »


‘Vruksha’ means a tree. In this asana, the body assumes the shape of a tree. So it is called Vrukshasana. Technique : Stand on either leg. If difficulty is experienced to balance the body on one leg, take the support of a wall. Bend the other leg at the knee and place its heel at… Read More »


When Garudasana is performed, the pose of the body appears to be that of an eagle. So this asana is called Garudasana. Technique : Stand erect. Keep the right leg straight on the ground and bring the left leg over the right thigh above the right knee. The left leg should be entwined around the… Read More »