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Technique : Inhale and stand erect as shown in Position The legs and the knees should touch each other and the legs should be straight. Advantages : It has all the advantages of Namaskarasana.


Technique: Assume the position as shown in Hastapadasana. pull the stomach inwards. bring the other leg to its original position. Let the nose or the forehead touch the knees. Exhale Advantages of Hastapadasana: It has all the advantages of Hastapadasana.


Technique : Raise the trunk so that it is perpendicular to the floor and bring the left leg forward. Rest it at its original position and stretch the right leg backwards with the heels completely on the floor. The stomach should be pressed well in this position. Bring the neck and the head back and… Read More »


Technique : Retain the breath. Without shifting the palm and the toes, straighten the waist upwards and without bending the knees stretch the body back. Let the chin touch the chest. Pull the stomach inwards. Stretch the thighs upwards. Rest the heels completely on the floor.Advantages: It prevents rheumatism, paralysis and strengthens the legs


Technique : Keep the legs, the knees and the palms in the same position. Stretch the arms. Inhale and push the chest forward. Bend the waist backwards and bend the neck as far back as possible. Look up and hold the breath. Advantages : This asana removes paleness of the body and makes it ruddy.… Read More »


Technique : Retaining the breath, place the knees on the floor. Lower the chest so that it touches the ground. Let the chin touch the lower part of the throat. Lower the forehead so that it touches the ground without allowing the nose to touch the ground. Pull the stomach inwards. See that it does… Read More »


Technique : Retaining the breath, move the other leg back-wards. Place the toes, the ankles and the knees in such a way that they touch one another. Keep the head, the waist and the elbows in a straight line. Support the weight of the body on the hands and the toes. Advantages : It cures… Read More »


Technique : Inhale. Take the right leg back and place the knee and the toes on the floor. Bring the left knee in front of the left armpit. Press the abdomen properly. Now, bend the neck as far backwards as possible throwing the chest out. Look up and hold the breath. Advantages : This position… Read More »


Technique : Continue holding the breath and bend down without bending the knees. Press the palms down on the ground, and the fingertips in line with the toes. The fingertips should touch one another. Then touch the knees with the nose or the forehead without bending the knees and exhale. Exhaling should be through the… Read More »


Technique : Stretch the arms up and arch the body backwards from the waist, the eyes to remain open and look at the sky. Bend backwards as far as possible. Expand the chest and push it forwards. Advantages : It nourishes the shoulders and the alimentary canal. It cures the diseases of the alimentary canal.… Read More »